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The problem as has been stated is this........

Not ALL games will be coded for, everytime they code SPECIFICALLY ( aka shader ops/app detection) for 1 game the driver has to get bigger in size, and/or break something else.

Game patches will be a nightmare, again as has been stated.

I just don't see the point in buying a NV card right now seeing as they have to right application specific code to get it to run comparably..they will NOT be able to write app code for every DX9 game, and there will be long periods of time that folks will have to wait........ if it's not a high profile game you can forget about it.

I am GLAD FM stepped up in an effort to salvage what little credibility they have left, and am also glad they were smart enough NOT to say EXACTLY why they had done it......
We saw what happened the last time they did that.
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