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Default Re: Interesting PhysX Blog

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Not worth it to you maybe, but how about not making the decision for the rest of us? The $75 -$125 an additional GPU for PhysX might cost is spit in the ocean of my hobby expenses every year.

A lot of people can just use an old NVIDIA card they still have. For the ones who can't, I'd note a 3 year old 8800GT is still a more than adequate PhysX card. You can buy a Zotac 9800GT with lifetime warranty for $69.99 AMIR shipped at newegg- the "high cost" argument doesn't fly.

If it lasts you two years that's $35 bucks a year. That's less than the cost of a game.
I see your point but my point is that with a 450 GPU it should be sufficient enough on its own to run any extra effects Nvidia comes up with. Just like 3D gaming i believe Physx to be nothing more than a gimmick so users have to buy more hardware...

If users already have a capable Physx card hanging around then of course this doesn't apply to them....But for the few games that do support Physx i cannot justify spending more money to see an effect that does nothing for the gameplay and that can look just as good with effects that can be used without Physx. Of course this is my oppinion and i am not speaking on behalf of anyone.

If i had cared for Physx i would of purchased an Ageia card years ago....
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