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Originally posted by Ruined
I hope 3dmark keeps changing their code. Means more frequent driver updates for Nvidia users!
<laughs> Indeed. Silver lining, what what?

Originally posted by Malfunction
Videocard Industry/Game Dev becoming more like console market:
Yes, and I think this is decidedly a BAD thing. PC's shouldn't be borrowing the worse elements of consoling, and consoles certainly shouldn't be seeking to throw in the downsides of PC gaming either. Convergence will, of course, ALWAYS be happening--but they should certainly be going about it better.

Originally posted by Malfunction
Ok, Alot of the Dreamcast games looked better than the PS2. Soul Caliber is one I can think of off the top of my head.
You should probably defrag the top of your head, then. Soul Calibur never appeared on any system but the Dreamcast. Soul Calibur II is a different matter, but that's a generational skip. You might be thinking of Dreamcast's other notable fighter--DOA2--which had a PS2 version in DOA2: Hardcore.
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