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Default Re: Official Civilization V Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Sazar View Post
DX9 reduces water quality and reduces bump-mapping on some items.

If you don't mind that, go ahead and play on Dx9.

I have noticed that regardless of what DX version I am playing on, the lag experienced when you build up a lot of cities and items is almost the same, so I think it's more a processor issue than a GPU issue.

Because it does indeed look better with DX10, I am sticking to it
Hmmm.. I have 0 lag with DX 9.. smooth as butter. I will try updating my video drivers to the newest version (think i am still on a version from April... lol.). I would like to use DX 10 but it was a damn slide show for me, it has to be a driver issue.

What graphics settings are you using for DX10? I will use that as a starting point.
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