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Default Re: Official F1 2010 Thread

Originally Posted by FlakMagnet View Post
Wow! A lot of hate for this game here

I'm really enjoying the game, but am not an expert. I have to play on easy at the moment as medium is too difficult for me. I also play with Automatic gears as I can't drive very well with manual.

So maybe doing those things means I don't see the scripted corners issue that Slawter reported.

If you are not a sim fan, but someone who enjoys a 'bit of a drive' then I think you'll enjoy this game. I also enjoyed GRiD and still enjoy DiRT2 very much.

I know F1 2010 is not a true sim, but that's good for me as I'm just not good enough for that
OK, been trying with manual gears, and without changing anything else, I am competitive on Medium setting. No idea why. Seems that selecting Automatic gears artificially slows you. Does that sound right?

So now playing on Medium with manual gears and loving it
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