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Default Re: Bad image X3 - Reunion for Linux and 256.xx drivers

Alright - I tried the 260.19.06 drivers, and they seem to work in openSUSE without any problem.

Unfortunately - they are (not yet) available any repository for Fedora 13, so I have to figure out how to install the driver " by hand" (or using the old 195.x driver for as long as there are kernel driver package updates available). Problem is - there are no good descriptions how to install a driver " by hand" in Fedora 13. All descriptions are for the repository install, and if I use the standard install I use with all other distro' s everything locks up and I cannot even use the terminal to log in. I have no idea how to do this correct in Fedora. Anybody has a good description?

Oh - and there where no error messages in the terminal window for all drivers (195.x, 256.x, 260.x), exept in Mandriva -you get something about cranberra- but that seems to make no difference. So - no error messages at all.

Anyway - you asked for the report, and here it is below.

Hope this is enough information.
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