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Default Re: Optimus support for Linux

I have recently been given an opportunity to choose a new office laptop by my employer, so without much hesitation I just went to Dell website and configured a laptop "with nvidia" graphics as the first condition. Reason was simple - I've been happily using nvidia-powered laptops for few years before, where I most liked dual-head setup with two independent desktops on each screen - a feature apparently only provided by nvidia, so getting laptop just "with nvidia" was my natural choice...

So, few days later I have ended up with Dell Vostro 3300 which turned out to have Intel 4500HD + nVidia 310M adapters where nvidia just doesn't work at all, and Intel indeed does dual-head (spanned desktop), but... with some other weird VGA-output bug in their driver which renders dual-head virtually useless.

All in all, thanks to new nvidia super-duper optimus/something technology I am now in a bit embarassing position in front of my employer, as I've got laptop which in fact is useless to me without dual-head. And I just wanted "with nvidia" laptop, as I was genuinely sure it would "just work" as I expected.

Huge disappointment is just a mild expression of what I feel after learning about "we're not planning to support..." approach from nvidia people. Simply speaking - I don't care about optimus, smart switching, power saving etc etc etc at all. I just want to get my nvidia adapter with dual-head working and this is what I just expect from installing nvidia proprietary driver.

Is this that hard to implement, really?
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