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Exclamation Fedora 13 and driver 256.53: nvidia.ko module not found

I made the mistake of letting fedora automaticly update itself and in the process it recently updated the noveau drive. This has causes the nvidia drivers to fail to load. I blacklisted nouveau in the /etc/modprobe.d/ directory and also added to the kernel command line in grub just to be on the safe side.

After several failed attempts to reinstall the 256.53 drivers and get the Xserver to start without error I was able to start x in 640x480 using the vesa driver. Then going into the display properties gui and manually change to the nvidia driver. I can then log out and log back in to use the nvidia driver.

This is obvious a temporary solution and is a major pain when I have to restart.

This is from the boot log:

Checking for module nvidia.ko: [FAILED]
nvidia.ko for kernel was not found. [WARNING]
The nvidia driver will not be enabled until one is found. [WARNING]

I made sure I have the correct kernel-devel files as well...
Any suggestions?

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