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Default Re: GTS 450 no HDMI audio in Ubuntu

Originally Posted by razor1394 View Post
For your information, your pictures are not working over here.

I would like to tell that I have the same problem in 10.10 beta amd64 with GTX 460. It works fine under Windows 7. It's not the same card as yours but from what I understand both these have sound onboard the graphics card.


I tried the latest Maverick mainline 2.6.36-rc5 kernel from the kernel-ppa repository and the HDMI audio chip is available in sound properties.
My pictures you mean? That's odd. They work fine for me.

But its good that the latest kernel has the fix incorporated in it. While frenchy2k1 found a fix, I have absolutely no idea how to use git, and I am too much of a newbie to perform step 3 in Stephen Warren's instructions.

foo_bar, I am using 260.19 right now with my GTS 450, but after reading Stephen Warren's post and his links it seems that the fault lies with Canonical and not Nvidia for this problem.
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