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Default Re: Front Mission Evolved

I preordered on Steam and it unlocked early (may have unlocked last night, as when I went to pre-load it gave me the option to 'Install' rather than 'Pre-load') so I was able to play some before heading to work. My expectations were low, but I enjoy the Front Mission universe and mecha games have been few and far between as of late.

Turns out I was pleasantly surprised, the game is quite fun! Controls are great, the enemy AI is actually fun to fight (they will dash behind cover to dodge your missiles, retreat when damaged or when you try to get in close for a melee strike), and the visuals are... well it's a bit mixed. The mechs themselves look great, especially in motion, but the environments I've seen so far haven't exactly been stunning. Also, there are some low res textures here and there. Still, it gets the job done (oh, the effects are quite nice, particularly the swarms of missiles). Performance is good.

All-in-all I'm looking forward to playing more of the game. Didn't get to play much but here are some screenshots from the first mission and the beginning of the second.

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