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they went from tactical to action. too bad you didn't catch the video blogs with the front mission creator and how he was excited to go action with this franchise. anyhow, does anyone have a problem with 3d vision nvidia surround. because at 38xx x 1024 2x msaa it is slower than a crysis on a geforce 256. And it says 3d vision ready on the box, but there is no 3d vision profile made by nviidia as of yet. it works with 3d vision ok. Somebody let me know about the surround rez please.
The Front Mission Creator had nothing to do with the games design. The game was made by Double Helix, not Square. Also the game is not part of the original story, it's considered a side story.

I'm going to wait on a sale, not worth it for me since I loved the original games.
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