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Default Re: Multi-Monitor/GPU Compositing

Originally Posted by jgeboski View Post
I read someone a few months ago there is a way to tie together two GPUs running TwinView using randr.
My understanding is that many people think that xrandr might be a cure
for the xinerama/composite issue, but according to the following link, this
is not the case:

My understanding is that for multi-GPU setups, xrandr would work in addition
to xinerama and could then provide the desired screen infos when using
twinview. (Means, with two GPUs, where each is setup in twinview mode, you
could probably use xrandr to determine the screen geometry to be told
to applications rather than using the current hackish fakerama-solutions).

Anyway are you using a 2x2 or a 4x1 setup for your LCDs and what's the
resolution of each of your LCDs? Depending on your requirements, one
or two TH2Gs might do it. However, those are not exactly cheap.


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