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Default Re: Official F1 2010 Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Only had one so far due to car contact. That was pretty cool but other than that I thought the game was way too forgiving in regards to lock-ups under heavy braking.

I've never locked the inside front which is very strange because I'm pushing much harder on the brakes than in iRacing.


Man the racing is really ****ed in this game due to the "AI". I've lost maybe 5s in the pits because I enabled the limiter too early but that resulted in a 12s gap in the end. Never saw the leaders again even though I pitted while in 3rd.
Codemasters really messed up their own game with this
Its actually fun when youre out on the track,the visuals and sound makes it pretty immersive,its the rest they ****ed up.Had huge stuttering issues after 4-6 laps but solved it by making the replay.pbf read only.This way the replays doesnt work but atleast it's playable.Another really annoying thing is the race engineer,he tells me to come in to the pit and change tires "Remember to pit this lap" so i do,i get the new tires and rejoin the track again but within a minute i get the same "Remember to pit this lap" He repeats this a few times along the race.
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