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Default Re: Multi-Monitor/GPU Compositing

Originally Posted by Azelphur View Post
I'd love a solution to this too, I'm on a 4x1 setup and currently running dual twinview. TH2G isn't really an option as I use the setup for compiz and gaming. Would really love to get some triple head gaming going on.
What are the resolutions of your LCDs? If they are all 1680x1050, then
you can connect one LCD to the first DVI output of your video card and the
other three LCDs to the second DVI through the TH2G. If all your LCDs are 1920x1200,
then you need two TH2G running in dual head mode (two LCDs connected to the
first DVI output via one TH2G and the other two LCDs connected to the second
DVI via another TH2G).


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