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Thumbs up Futuremark patch 440 does not effect 5700u

Anyone know anything else about this?

It's a Club 3D card.

Futuremark patch doesn't affect Club 3D FX 5700 Ultra

In house test

By Fuad Abazovic in Wien: Friday 14 November 2003, 11:16

THE MAINSTREAM Geforce FX 5700 Ultra doesn't seem to be the slightest bit bothered about the latest Futuremark patch, it has emerged.
We are doing all we can to post a review of this card vs. Radeon 9600XT but in the meantime we took time to look deeper into this Futuremark patch 340 that is supposed to lower performance of Nvidia cards.

I haven't had time to test the FX 5900 non ultra the only high end FX part that I have, but here is what happens when you run this test on FX 5700 Ultra that was provided to us by the plucky Club3D company that is not even listed among Nvidia partners but still uses NVDA chips.

On the Club 3D Geforce FX 5700 Ultra patch 340 don't decrease performance in any way and even increases its performance by a very small margin on this 475/909 MHz clocked card.

I must admit that I had to retest this a few times to believe after I saw all this claims on the web, and was expecting that the FX 5700 Ultra would dramatically drop its performance in 3dmark03 but there it is. It's a fact.

Anyway only the game results and total score changed and in patch 330 3dmark03 scored 3961, Game 1 - 158.8, Game 2 - 25.9, Game 3 - 21.1, Game 4 - 22.0 while the other results were unaffected.

With patch 340 Club3D FX5700 Ultra scored 3965, Game 1 - 159.2, Game 2 - 26.0, Game 3 - 21.2, Game 4 - 21.9 so even better.

A full review will follow in the goodness of time, whatever that is.
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