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Default Re: Optimus support for Linux

As far as I understand what's happening at linux-hybrid-graphics with Optimus, you can't disable Intel gfx because it works as framebuffer for nVidia and nVidia card is working as gfx accerelator for Intel, so eihter you can disable nVidia for power savings, which isn't fully discovered right now or you make to load nVidia drivers along with Intel gfx working at this same time which isn't any way further nearby right now.

It sems that nVidia problem with Optimus on Linux is that durring boot Intel kernel module is loading which preventing from nVidia kernel module to load and wihout Intel kernel module then it is no display possible at all.
So it is only hope for PRIME drivers.

Or maybe I'm blabering nonsense because I don't understand what's going on. It's either possible since I don't pay too mutch attention to the problem - I don't have Optimus hardware or any other hybrid graphics.
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