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Default Single GTX460 1GB worse than 8800GT 512MB SLI?

Hi Guys,

I just swapped out my 512MB 8800GT's (SLI) for a single 1GB GTX460.
Now I appreciate this would give me around the same performance (as I intend to go SLI with the 460 eventually) but it appears its actually worse!?

I ran the unigine benchmark and my 8800GT's gave me a 41.1fps average and a score of 1036 yet the new single GTX460 has just given me a 30.9 average and a score of 778.

Is something going wrong here?

(all tests run at the same settings, 1920x1200)

Any ideas?

My other specs are as follows if you need them:
Core 2 E6550 @ 2.63 GHz
Gigabyte N650-SLI-DS4L
8GB Corsair XMS2
150GB 10k Raptor
X-Fi Xtreme Gamer
Tagan 530W Modular PSU

Thanks for your help
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