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Default small tick sound when running intensive CUDA/OpenGL application


My system:
mobo: ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution
cpu: Intel Core i7 930
mem: 12 GBRAM
video: NVidia Quadro 4000
hdd: 2x Caviar Black 2 TB
os: ubuntu 10.04 64bit

When I play a very intensive application from Nvidia CUDA SDK in Ubuntu, I hear like a small pitch or something like a tick from my video card. It is not the PSU, I checked. This was visible when running: smokeParticles from NVIDIA_GPU_Computing_SDK.

For anything else in SDK, other CUDA/OpenGL application no sound at all. Somebody in Corsair
forum said to check vsync option on my nvidia settings. How do I enable that ? Using nvidia-settings
utility ?

Im curious if this is normal. Attached you have my settings.

thanks a lot,
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