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Default Re: Options for adding a third monitor

Originally Posted by wysek View Post
Do you have any ideas how to set this up?
You have several options:

* You could configure the first card in twinview mode as Screen 0
and the second card as Screen 1 and *not* applying Xinerama.
Depending on the WindowManager, it should be possible to
have your desktop (including effects) on Screen 0 and use
Screen 1 separately (you won't be able to drag windows between
the two logical screens). The drawback of this setup is that
windows on Screen 0 will maximize to both LCDs.
Please note that I didn't tried out such a setup for quite some time,
so I have no idea if this still works.

* You can create a multi-seat setup where you could start a second
X-Server for the the second card. You need a separate keyboard
and mouse for this, but that might not be a drawback, depending
on your requirements.

* You could use a TH2G to operate the two 1920x1200 LCDs from
one DVI-DL output (TH2G works in dual head mode in this case).
Then you can connect the other LCD to the second DVI output of
the card (so you will only use *one* card in your system). Drawback:
those TH2Gs are not exactly cheap.


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