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Default NVIDIA install in Mandrake 9.2 (newbie with Linux)

Having trouble installing the NVIDIA driver with MANDRAKE 9.2.

This is my first time with LINUX, so please be VERY specific.. Read a BUNCH of posts on the topic, but none seemed to work (either that or I did not understand it..).

* GeForce2 GTS
* 8KHA+ Mainboard w/AMD 1800Mhz
* uname -r gives: 2.4.22-10mdl

This is what I've tried (the LAST time..):
1) exit X with init 3 in the console, and login as root
2) enter the directory where I downloaded the driver (/home/'user'/...)
3) type 'sh NVIDIA-Linux....... -a' (or whatever)
4) after some installing, it starts to build the Kernel from my source
(I think..). Stops at about 20% and gives me an error (see below).
5) Scratch my head and consider using Windows for Neverwinter
Nights (again..).
Short version: 'unable to load the kernel module "nvidia.o". most likely because your kernel module was built using the wrong kernel-header-files... etc. ' (by the way - I don't know how to compile the kernel..)

* Error Message (logfile) - see attachment

I HAVE installed the Kernel-Source (think it was dl'ed - added it after the install). My /usr/src/ - directory contains:

1) /linux
2) /linux-2.4.22-1mdk
3) /RPM

When i try to specify the path in the installer to the /linux-2.4.22-1mdk directory, it adds an /linux at the end..

Any help would be appreciated!
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