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Default Re: Official F1 2010 Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
The mod looks very interesting. I have to try it out next time I fire up F1 2010. Not sure when though as its sh*t handling is messing up my feel for iRacing a bit

Sammy, what input device do you use? The steering wheel movement in your vid looks awful
It's a 360 pc pad,no deadzone adjustment ingame and it also pulls slightly to the left constantly so i have to compensate for that,if i let go of the stick on the straights the car will eventually veer to the left/into the barrier .My old wheel doesn't work with win 7 and since i don't have time to really get into sims im not buying a new one,atleast not right now.This game alone doesn't really warrant a wheelpurchase either.The pad is a pos though,it's unusable with proper sims that demands more dynamic input options but works pretty ok for this game(apart from a sketchy deadzone that is).
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