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Unhappy Is There A "Complete Linux Noob Walkthrough"?

I've never been able to find clear directions for getting compiz to show up on any computer. Yes, I am a linux noob. I also realize that there's no cure for stupid, but still, I'd like as much help as your patience allows.

My cpu is an AMD X4 Black Edition, video card eVGA 460. OS is Ubuntu 10.

I think I already installed the nvidia driver, but I can't change my resolution beyond 1280 x 1024. I have a 22" monitor, so the gui looks kinda weird; so I guess that might be another problem (i.e.- can I get Ubuntu to display in my monitor's Native Resolution?)

Nvidia's links aren't very helpful for a noob like me. I'd like some (or lots of) screenshots to walk me through the process of getting compiz to run on ubuntu 10 with the newest drivers (256.53). At the very least, I'd just like to say that at one point in my life, I was able to run compiz on a computer of my very own for a couple of minutes, just to see what it was like.

1.) Yes or no, Is There A "Complete Linux Noob Walkthrough"?
2.) Is someone willing to make one?
3.) Is there a stupidly easy way to get compiz to run on a fairly powerful computer that has just freshly installed Ubuntu 10?
4.) Can I get Ubuntu to display in my monitor's Native Resolution?
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