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Default Re: Auto Fan Settings

Get MSI Afterburner and set up a fan profile that only kicks it in high when you need it. I use it on my SLIed EVGA GTX 260's and love the customizable fan profiles, way better than EVGA's software.

My temps are 36c to 43c @while browsing with fans a 40%, after 45c speed steps up by 1% for 1c of rise until 65c it goes to 70% after 70c it steps to 85% but never had either card over 70c even while running composer for 1hr at 1680 x 1050 full screened. My temps are usually about 50c to 60c while gaming.

Of course I understand that you have a 285 which runs hotter than a 260, but you get the idea of the fan profile customization and how it helps in cooling.

Good case airflow and monthly cleaning are necessary too.
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