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Default Re: Is There A "Complete Linux Noob Walkthrough"?

Originally Posted by linuxnoob117 View Post
1.) Yes or no, Is There A "Complete Linux Noob Walkthrough"?

2.) Is someone willing to make one?
But there is a huge load of distribution specific documentation out there, for Ubuntu as an example:

3.) Is there a stupidly easy way to get compiz to run on a fairly powerful computer that has just freshly installed Ubuntu 10?
Yes. Activate "Desktop effects", it will even install the drivers for you if needed. This is a four-click thing, which I consider rather easy.

4.) Can I get Ubuntu to display in my monitor's Native Resolution?
Yes. What we can't do is give you any good support without any information. Please read the sticky on how to generate a bug report and add it here. Otherwise you expect a mechanic to repair your car over a telephone line, with all information from your side being "it doesn't work".

I think that either

a) your monitors EDID is wrong or
b) your monitors EDID can't be read by the driver or
c) the nvidia driver is not active.

By submitting a bug report here we can check which of the above applies and give you specific help.

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