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Default Re: Official F1 2010 Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
In that case, another stupid design decision by Codemasters. I mean gamepads are probably the most used input device for this game, at least on consoles. So some adjustability would have been nice. Although the average console moron probably doesn't even know that there are option menus in games
Thats kinda harsh,there IS option menus in console games aswell I agree though,there's only the advanced wheel settings with its deadzone,linearity etc adjustments but that isnt available for pads.CM dropped the ball in so many areas with this game,i watched simracing tonights test of the PS3 version and theyre having issues with the force feedback on all fanatec's wheels.

The only wheel that seems to work all out with this title on the PS3 is the G27.They love the game though,they mention the bugs and also says that this isn't a game for the die hard sim racer (you ) but they still had a lot of fun with it.Theyre calling it one of the best racing titles yet on the consoles ,with the best career mode of any racing game and i think i have to agree there.If CM patch away the bugs this will be a very solid game and eventhough it's not iracing it might become a stepping stone to get people into what you would call "proper" sims and that can't be all bad can it ?

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