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Default Re: L4D/L4D2 "The Sacrifice" DLC Trailer

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
You're just jaded cause they killed off your character.

No- I actually agree with you. And I think part of the problem is they set a standard with TF2... that game seems to get crazy updates and DLC and so with all the hype behind the original L4D we all expected the same attention that TF2 got... only that isn't the case.

One thing they're good at is making entertaining videos though. Now- if only they'd put that much effort into the crap they release.
Bill never dies, he re-groups and re-arms.

I'm not referring to the quantity of DLC, it's the quality. Crash course was reasonably entertaining, but way too short, but the passing was horrible. There are many user made campaigns that have far higher quality than that garbage.

This new one could have all the makings of the best L4D(2) campaign released yet...just hoping they don't release another waste of bandwidth...
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