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Default Re: Galaxy S Captivate and Fascinate updates

Froyo is now available for the Captivate. Leaked official build release. GPS is flawless. Locked ten sats within a couple seconds and accuracy appears to be within a few feet. I'll walk around and do a MyTracks later but all reports are that GPS is perfect now.

Thought of betterdan immediately (no homo) the minute I saw the thread on XDA last night.

I can't recall if there are other Captivate users here but if there are, the Froyo release doesn't (yet) support one-click root, voodoo lagfix, etc. Sideloading wonder machine works, root can be obtained but is a bit of a PITA. No HSUPA yet. ATT and Samsung bloatware in full effect. I would suppose there will be a Cognition rom/voodoo support within a day or two judging by the rate at which devs are moving on this...insane how fast these guys are working.
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