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Default Re: Official F1 2010 Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Sure there are options menus in console games but the the average console user doesn't know what that means

Not sure about the stepping stone part. I don't want to see more drivers in sims because that usually degrades the race quality. Quality > Quantity.
That's why I don't see it as a bad thing that iRacing is subscription based. That keeps the morons/kids away. Just compare it to LFS and you know what I mean...
It's kinda like public vs private MP game sessions in shooters. It's only possible to play a game seriously in a closed, private session. Public is just horrible especially when the gamemode is a bit more complex than just DM/TDM.
Yea know what you mean,try online racing with the forza series,the pgr games etc
I tried F3 online and i absolutly hate the fact that i cannot turn off the public chat,i have no interest in chatting with raging 12 year olds who for some reason doesn't have any brakes.They rearend your car and spin out etc so after that they just scream that it's your fault **** this and **** that.Console online racing seems to be like bumprercars most of the time,no one brakes and leaves you any room so if youre first into the first corner you can bet they will try to take you off the track.Whats the fun in that ? I quickly stopped trying,eventhough with the 360 i find the technical aspect of the online racing allmost faultless,it's just as you say tons of morons out there who ****s everything up.
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