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Default Re: Is Debian any good

Debian is too "generic" and tries to please everyone, that is it why it fails (really bad imo).

For example:

It is not as good and polished Desktop as Ubuntu.
It doesn't have the simplicity of operation of Slackware
It doesn't have customization ability of Gentoo
It is not as good as a rolling release distro as Arch Linux
It can't match the stability/security of CentOS/RHEL as a server
It doesn't have the advanced GUI configuration/administration tools of Novell/Suse
It doesn't have the bleeding edge technologies of Fedora

The only strong point of Debian I can think of, is that it works on many non-x86 architectures, But this I think is something that very few people need.

I suggest to avoid Debian and use the best distro for your needs.
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