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Default Re: NVidia ION lockups in MythTV

Originally Posted by mlord View Post
It appears that some of these systems have an Atheros ethernet controller, which is defaulting to using MSI for interrupts. Normally that's a good thing, but sometimes it results in unexpected problems.

Have you folks tried booting with this Linux kernel parameter:


?? Does it make any difference?
YES! I spent several minutes seeking back and forth in some content that is on my regular networked backend, and it seems to work fine. Normally, it would have locked up within seconds. I have also now been playing back an HD recording for about 30 minutes with no problems. I'm using VDPAU Slim playback settings.

Without "nomsi" I had noticed issues with the port not initializing properly at boot, in that it took several tries before it would finally get a link. Now it seems to work correctly then, too.

Thank you SO much, mlord!
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