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Okay, so I'm trying to play through the original FarCry again, and I'd like to use the HDR patch and 64-bit patch to enjoy it in all it's out-dated-killer-graphics-that-pwned-rigs-from-2004 goodness.

Anyhow, dl'd the beta 1.4 patch and 64-bit update from Guru3D but... can't play the game now. The 64-bit exe is missing any and all ground textures, and the 32-bit exe just wont load period.

Any way to get this game going with these patches/updates?

i7 920 (stock)
4GB DDR3 1066
Win7 Ultimate x64

Thanks ya'll!
Reinstall without the HDR patch, it's a trouble maker and quite frankly doesn't add to the experience much even if it does work.

An 'Experimental' Version 1.4 patch was leaked a while ago and is available at a range of places such as Guru3D. This patch is 5MB in size, and supposedly allows the use of HDR Rendering in combination with Antialiasing, on both Nvidia GeForce 8 and above cards, as well as ATI X1000 series or newer cards. To install this patch, you will have to extract the contents of the archive and overwrite the original versions in your Far Cry directories. Note however that this patch is quite likely to cause problems, so it is not recommended you install it unless you absolutely want to experiment with this functionality.
For 64 bit, don't install the 1.4 patch.

Finally, for people running 64-bit based systems on a 64-bit OS (like Windows XP Professional x64), you can install two Version 1.32 AMD64 patches - the Far Cry 64-bit Patch, and the Far Cry 64-bit Extra Content Pack, both downloadable from FileShack or 3DGamers among other places. These patches are described in detail here, but basically they improve performance on 64-bit machines (both Intel and AMD), and provide additional content such as improved textures, increased view distance and two new mutliplayer maps. Installing the 64-bit patches also provide a built-in No-CD for Far Cry, whereby you will no longer need to keep the game CD in the drive to play the game. If you're running the 64-bit patches on a 64-bit machine, don't install the latest 1.4 Patch.
Great game imo, enjoy.
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