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Default Re: GTX/GTS 460 For BD

Originally Posted by seeker View Post

I installed the trial for AnyDVD a bit ago, and I was somewhat confused, because it seemed to only work as a backend for WinDVD, rather than it's own player. I also tried using PowerDVD again, but it still displays the same error window as before.

I doubt that I will buy AnyDVD, because it's pretty expensive in itself and has to be relicensed periodically. I would prefer to only pay once by upgrading the video card instead.

The only other alternative would be if there is some other software that would accomplish what AnyDVD did, only at a cheaper price?
1) AnyDVD is for DVD only, AnyDVD HD is for DVD, BD and HD-DVD.

2) Its not a player, what it does it removes all forms of DRM from the disc on the fly in the background. don't have to worry about HDCP, BD+ etc... it also can rip disc to HDD, remove trailers, disable java on BD, remove region protection etc...

3) because BD keeps changing and SONY and BD group keeps adding new versions of DRM, AnyDVD HD has to be updated often, there is a new beta every few days.

4) update is about 6MB and quick and painless

5) this is completly false "and has to be relicensed periodically." there is lifetime license option, you pay once and your good.

6) the only similar program is DVDFab HD, but it lacks one major feature. It DOES NOT REMOVE DRM ON THE FLY, with DVDFab HD you have to rip the disc to HDD or reburn them without DRM.
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