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Post a New Shared Free Resource on Data Visualization

Information Aesthetics brings us news about Adam Bly's latest project, a website dedicated to open data and public visualization aimed at everyone from conferences and blogs to the big media outlets.
While's mission is to help make data visualization figure more prominently across the web as a way of understanding complex world issues as they unfold, it is not a weblog in the classic sense. Instead, the site is open and all free to use (they developed it with support from GE), and operatew under a CC non-commercial license. Visualizing thus aims to become the online resource for designers and students looking for data sets (curated by Seed) about world issues, while offering an open platform for the creative community to share the resulting visualizations with each other and the public at large.

At a glance, I have to admit it's pretty. He's got a decent selection of open data, although he seems to still be working a few bugs out of the system (I saw the occasional 'warning: get_object_vars() expects parameter 1? blah blah blah). Unlike sites like Manyeyes, the site seems to have nearly nothing for actually visualizing data, instead simply hosting the raw data, and final pictures of the results.

In other words, it's a nice site with the endpoints of the process (You can Get the Data and Show the Results), but the actual work still has to be done elsewhere. So there's still plenty of room for Tableau Public and ManyEyes.

via a New Shared and Free Resource on Data Visualization ' information aesthetics.

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