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Originally posted by DMA
Ever play DM-Compressed? Thats one of the few maps my 9800 Pro doesn't like. You know the smoke coming out of the ventilation thingies just above the lift? (You gotta crank up the "World detail" to highest). When i walk/dodge through that smoke the FPS drops like a stone and i get some weird stuttering.
I don't usually play UT2003 (I have it installed however). I read your post about that specific map, so I loaded it up to see how it runs on my 9800 Pro. I ran to one of the ventilation shafts (Was pulling about 150fps, if I remember), and after staring up at the smoke, it dropped to about 90-100. I wouldn't really consider that 'dropping like a stone'. Nor did I experience any stuttering.

Maybe you were using an older driver release? *Shrug*

I'd be interested in hearing of other 9800 NP/P users that are experiencing this problem.
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