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Default Re: Medal Of Honor Open Beta Live!

I just played for a bit and I actually found it quite fun. The only thing that bothers me is the lack of recoil...

Originally Posted by wysiwyg View Post
consolized consolized

POS game! hope it fails to sell and hits the devs hard!!!

Maybe they should have kept the option in to allow you to play the taliban and shoot US infantry! that would have made it different to every other game this **** copies!
Console sales will dwarf PC sales. So of course it's "consolized".

I really don't understand why people bitch about this so much. It's like every FPS game that has come out in the past 3-4 years, people just complain about how "consolized" it is. Of course it is. The reward in adding PC features (e.g. dev console, mod kits, etc.) isn't there because the amount of extra sales you will generate from it is infinitesimal with respect to the big picture.. And with EA/DICE, did you really expect anything different?
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