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Default Re: Is There A "Complete Linux Noob Walkthrough"?

Originally Posted by Licaon View Post
I'm not really sure, as i did not update my secondary system that runs Ubuntu in a while, but Ubuntu still has the 195.xx.xx drivers in their repo, hence the issues maybe.

@linuxnoob117: run the Nvidia X Server Settings app and tell us the "NVIDIA Driver Version"
I was wondering about the 195.xx.xx drivers: are they automatically installed during a fresh install of Ubuntu 10? I "uninstalled" ubuntu (from Win 7's Remove/uninstall Programs section), so I'm wondering if I try to install the ver. 256.53 again, will there be a conflict, as the ver. 195.xx will be there before the 256.53.

Also, how do I run the Nvidia X Server Settings app?

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