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Default Re: NVidia ION lockups in MythTV

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
My ION doesn't appear to have any Atheros chip in it. I was testing with wired Ethernet. Perhaps that's the reason I could never repro this?
Good question. I wonder about that too. The original reporter, and others, have the Foxconn box, which does have the Atheros hardware. Even if they're using a different wired ethernet interface, the atheros driver is probably still loaded and active.. it only has to trip up once to lock the system.

The systems also have AHCI SATA controllers using MSI. I believe the AHCI driver to be pretty solid with MSI in Linux, but it is possible that there's some weird interaction there. Using pci=nomsi turns off all MSI usage so it would catch both of those drivers.

Edit: Note that this appears to be an atheros wired ethernet interface (1gb/s, atl1c driver) in the Foxconn boxes, not wireless.
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