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Default Re: nvidia 256.52 xorg-server 1.9.0 performance regression

Also for me this bug still seems to be present. Today I upgraded Ubuntu 10.04 (which includes xserver 1.7) to Ubuntu 10.10 (xserver 1.9) and the whole system seems to be unresponsive in a way. When scrolling in no matter which application the framerate drops by 30-50%. I observe this with the compiz-benchmark plugin. It does not matter whether I disable or enable font anti-aliasing.
The performance under gtkperf also seems to be bad. About 14 secs at 100 test rounds.
With another tool, which is called tom2d, actually a 2d drawing benchmark for windows (running on wine) by tom's hardware, the performance dropped by 75% (2000 points with xserver 1.7, 500 with xserver ver. 1.9)
Many some other people could try this out, or the nvidia developers could take a closer look at it again...
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