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Default Re: Blu-Rays and updates...

Not everybody has the ability to connect their player to the internet without much difficulty.

Right now I don't have internet to my computer... need a new router/DSL modem with greater range and a wireless card- don't have the money for either.

I can also reference my parents- cable modem is in the living room, yes- wireless router is in the back of the house where the computers are. Running a cable from the router to a blu ray player would be a huge PITA. And they're too "frugle" to opt for the wireless player.

I'd honestly this alone would stop them from ever purchasing blu-ray players. And most people around where they live think the same.

Sony really is exluding a fair number of people from being buyers simply because of this idiocy. Mostly referring to elderly/middle aged folk that don't posses the technical know-how to do this, and don't frankly care enough to fork out the money to have it done.

Heck, this is annoying enough for me- cause I'm limited to DSL... maybe I'll just buy my movies off of iTunes, or get them in HD DVD if I can find a copy (I have an HD-DVD/BD combo drive). Most HD movies on iTunes aren't 1080, but that's fine with me. When you have 4 other computers sharing your DSL connection, even a small 5MB file can take for freakin' ever to DL.
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