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Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Not everybody has the ability to connect their player to the internet without much difficulty.

Right now I don't have internet to my computer... need a new router/DSL modem with greater range and a wireless card- don't have the money for either.

I can also reference my parents- cable modem is in the living room, yes- wireless router is in the back of the house where the computers are. Running a cable from the router to a blu ray player would be a huge PITA. And they're too "frugle" to opt for the wireless player.

I'd honestly this alone would stop them from ever purchasing blu-ray players. And most people around where they live think the same.

Sony really is exluding a fair number of people from being buyers simply because of this idiocy. Mostly referring to elderly/middle aged folk that don't posses the technical know-how to do this, and don't frankly care enough to fork out the money to have it done.

Heck, this is annoying enough for me- cause I'm limited to DSL... maybe I'll just buy my movies off of iTunes, or get them in HD DVD if I can find a copy (I have an HD-DVD/BD combo drive). Most HD movies on iTunes aren't 1080, but that's fine with me. When you have 4 other computers sharing your DSL connection, even a small 5MB file can take for freakin' ever to DL.
I don't think technology should be held back because people can't afford something or because they don't understand it. Hell think about our computers, lots of people can't afford some of the stuff people have here and even more don't understand how to put it together to make it work. Does that make the parts stupid to make? No.

My router and cable modem are in a separte computer room from my tv and blu ray player in the living room. Like I said, my blu ray player isn't wireless (neither is my Directv HD DVR and my XBOX 360) but I ran a ethernet cable from the router to their location along with a $20 10/100 switch and hooked them all up to it for cheap. Sure the cable is going along the floor under a couple of rugs but screw it, we don't live in a Baetter Homes and Garden house and the wife isn't bitching about it so no big deal.

I do think they should have finalized blu ray before coming out with it though but then HD DVD was already out so they had to hurry up or surely lose out. That's why I was rooting for HD DVD, it was cheaper, was more mature etc. Ahh well, we are stuck with blu ray now.
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