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Originally Posted by General Lee View Post
For a second there, I thought Redeemed had his Steam account stolen again.

As for the problem, no idea what you need. Sorry.
Ya'll know what a mexican tatoo is? *clicks spurs on ground*

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
Beg to differ, as that's the one I dl'd. From there as well.

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
FarCry is probably the only game that has a noticable visual impact from ATI using FP16 rendering in some older titles.

It's really a non-issue as far as I'm concerned except for in FarCry where little things like the water edges do appear noticable. Try turning off catAI for farcry and see if that solves any other issues as well. Performance will drop but you should be able to run it maxed out with full AA/AF anyway.
I have no idea wth you just said...but I'll try disable Cat A.I.

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
Reinstall without the HDR patch, it's a trouble maker and quite frankly doesn't add to the experience much even if it does work.

For 64 bit, don't install the 1.4 patch.

Great game imo, enjoy.
Does the 64-bit patch add HDR? I can't remember.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
thats true, the trick to it if i remember was that you installed one of the patches, i believe it was the 1.4 beta and then you copy over (not install) the texture and map files from the hdr patch.

something that like.

google information how to run HDR patch on 32bit processor and you will find the info.
This is the difficulty of it all... my computer is in my trailer where I don't have internet access... yet. Having to "research" this using my buddy's rig, dl whatever I need to to a flash drive and transfer it to mine.

Ah- the joys of livin' in the country.
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