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Default Re: Medal Of Honor Open Beta Live!

Im quite enjoying myself on it...

Hit reg is far better than BFBC2 and the game is a lot smoother...there is no doubt about that. Some of the textures used are quite decent and the effects are quite nice (snow map). I have all settings maxed and the games runs approx 60fps for me at 1920x1200 16QxAA HSAO off.

Played with all 3 classes upto commander level and have a few complaints about power/accuracy balance along with still the lack of recoil. Its nothing major, they just need tweaking more. Im not too sure how many weapons are in the final game but i do hope there is a lot more than what is in the beta or its going to get very boring fast.

Other wise its a decent FPS multiplayer game...If you already own bfbc2 you will see the similarities straight away and might not be as keen to buy it as a CoD fan would be.
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