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Originally posted by Bigus Dickus

*cough* they just launched yet another DX7 part *cough*

*cough* and how long will it take for NV30 to show up... let alone NV31 *cough*
Yeah, and? They can put it out of the market in six months or a little more.
As for the NV30, i'd say it would be out in december or before ( but that's unlikely )
But then again, i might have to do some crow eating again if that's incorrect...

Err, i PERFECTLY well know most of the market is DX7. However, you said the following:
we have no true value dx8 part out yet and you talking about a value dx9 part! the ti4200 is not value dx8 catagory yet but its getting closer ,and now we have the nforce 2 with built in dx7 ,see where im getting at
"We have no value DX8 part out yet" : None from nVidia, but i'd consider the Radeon 9000 a value DX8 part. And Trident upcoming GPUs are true value DX8 parts. Sub $100 and good perf.

Did i ever say NV31 would be "value"? No. I said it was going to be at about the same price range as the Ti 4200, maybe a little more. And you agreed the Ti 4200 wasn't value.

"We now have the nForce 2 with built in DX7 support, see where im getting at"
What did you hope? A high-end integrated graphic card?
nVidia next motherboard product will most likely include DX8 support. Maybe it won't be a speed demon, but at least it'll be mainstream.

So, we'll see who's right in a couple of months i guess

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