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Default Re: Single GTX460 1GB worse than 8800GT 512MB SLI?

Originally Posted by 24inchGamer View Post
Hi Guys,

I just swapped out my 512MB 8800GT's (SLI) for a single 1GB GTX460.
Now I appreciate this would give me around the same performance (as I intend to go SLI with the 460 eventually) but it appears its actually worse!?

I ran the unigine benchmark and my 8800GT's gave me a 41.1fps average and a score of 1036 yet the new single GTX460 has just given me a 30.9 average and a score of 778.

Is something going wrong here?

(all tests run at the same settings, 1920x1200)

Any ideas?

My other specs are as follows if you need them:
Core 2 E6550 @ 2.63 GHz
Gigabyte N650-SLI-DS4L
8GB Corsair XMS2
150GB 10k Raptor
X-Fi Xtreme Gamer
Tagan 530W Modular PSU

Thanks for your help
That is normal, indeed 8800gt sli is better than GTX460,2458.html

Look for 9800gx2 which is equal to 8800 gt sli in a single card slot, you will see 8800gt sli is still very powerful even in today standard,its performance match to GTX 470

If you can endure heat and power consumption, 8800gt sli is still the better way to go, last but not least, if you hardcore gamer, you will know some game Geforce dont have sli profile
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