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Default Re: Is There A "Complete Linux Noob Walkthrough"?

Originally Posted by linuxnoob117 View Post
I was wondering about the 195.xx.xx drivers: are they automatically installed during a fresh install of Ubuntu 10? I "uninstalled" ubuntu (from Win 7's Remove/uninstall Programs section), so I'm wondering if I try to install the ver. 256.53 again, will there be a conflict, as the ver. 195.xx will be there before the 256.53.

Also, how do I run the Nvidia X Server Settings app?
When installing Ubuntu, proprietary drivers like Nvidia's will not be installed by default. Ubuntu will use the open source Nouveau driver for your card and normally Ubuntu will detect after a couple of reboots that there is a proprietary driver available for your Nvidia hardware and prompt to install it. If not, you can search for them via System --> Administration in your upper Gnome panel and install them manually (195.xx.xx).

Or you can download the latest driver from the official Nvidia website and install that one from the terminal. If you're going to do so and you're serious about using Linux, please take your time to read this:

In this article you will also find how to use the Nvidia X tools:
- after installation you can run "nvidia-xconfig" to generate an xorg.conf
- after booting in a working X environment you can change the Nvidia settings like AA and AF or monitor temperatures with "nvidia-settings".
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