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Default Re: Blu-Rays and updates...

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
It doesn't. I never said it did.

Older BD players don't have that. That's what I said. Fine, people who buy new players are all set. There are still lots of people out there without WiFi, that have no idea why their player won't play their new BD.
They should know WHY, when I ran into disc won't play scenario, the BD player displayed information on the screen that it needs to be updated to play this disc.

You don't need technical skills to go to Google type the model number and update. Some people just don't want to bother.

Instructions are provided by the manufacturer

plus most BD players that don't have WiFi do have ethernet port. In the manual it does say what it is for, and that it is recommended to hook it up.

people simply need to get used to it, its no different then hooking up Audio/Video cables or telephone cable into your satellite receiver.
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