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Default Re: Blu-Rays and updates...

Originally Posted by Lyme View Post
This is why GeekSquad sells a service for them to come and update the os on your ps3..
True. But doesn't make this right.

Working for BestBuy, in the GeekSquad, I can tell you we get a lot of people pissed off cause the brand new BD they just bought wont play in their player, and they don't understand the "error' message it's displaying.

When we explain the whole situation of updating, some customers calm down and opt to have the internet connected to the player... but most get even more frustrated and opt to return the whole system.

They want convenience, and this is anything but convenient. It's one more thing they have to do, have to learn how to do, or one more thing they have to spend money on when they're budgets are already tight.

Sony *is* shooting themselves in the foot with this. Seriously. If they keep this up, I can see online distribution of HD content overtaking Blu-Ray with relative ease in the not so distant future.

That, or some other, more convenient and seamless media taking Blu-Rays place.

Honestly, if it weren't for their lack of selection I'd prefer iTunes over Blu-Ray.

Still strongly considering getting most my movies from iTunes, and HD-DVD when I can find 'em in that format.
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