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Default Re: Blu-Rays and updates...

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Spend just one month working retail, then you'll understand what I'm saying.

I see it first hand. Yes, people ARE that lazy. They just got off work, are tired, probably a bit flustered and stressed out from their day at the job... they just want to put the disc and and munch on some food. And the average consumer *will* gladly sacrifice image quality if it offers enough of a greater convenience.

You need to put yourself in the shoes of the average consumer that is not technically literate. Untill you can do this, what I'm saying wont make a lick of sense to you.
I did work many months in retail, much more then I would liked and I did put myself in "consumer shoes" many times. Always explained everything in details, didn't worry about my sale numbers.

And I don't really care for this excuse "just got off work, are tired, probably a bit flustered and stressed out from their day at the job"

I go to work, get frustrated at work, and often can be tired after work, thats no excuse for not reading instructions. When a consumer is to dumb to open the manual and read it, he is one of the parties at fault.

Same excuse could be used for almost everything, OMFG i burned the roast, Can't put the bookcase together, satnav doesn't work. RTFM, Everything can't be idiot proof. If everything was Idiot proof, cars would be wrapped with bubble wrap and forks would be made of plastic.

Ask the consumers at work, and they often will admit that they did not even touch the manual.

And second group of people at "fault" are giant stores and their employees like the blue shirts at Best Buy and their main goal is sales. It should be their job to educate the potential buyer about the product that he/she is about to buy and tell them that Blu-ray players need to be updated to play new releases from time to time.
If blue shirts would have done a proper job explaining the product that they are selling, the customer would not be suprised when he/she would find out about update.

And as far as customer service go, blu-ray player updates takes less then 2 minutes, to save a potential customer this service should be either free or very cheap.

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And last thing I wanted to add, since you did bring up HD-DVD and iTunes.

Both those services/tech also had/have updates. Each Toshiba HD-DVD player had 5-10 updates in the short lifespan.

iTunes also gets updated often, and not to even mention all the iTunes DRM troubles.
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