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Default Re: Blu-Rays and updates...

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post

And as for the update being a free service... that's great- except when you're dealing with hundreds of clients a day it really isn't practical. Free I can understand. But what's that client supposed to do, disconnect their player and bring it to the story every time it needs an update?

Or, I know- we're supposed to send somebody to the house... for free? You any idea how much the in-home service guys cost the company? Insuring them, their vehicles, the tools, maintenance for the vehicles, gas, hourly pay for them... I mean really- free? Yeah, that will *never* happen.
Instead of defending these updates so adamantly, why don't you tell me how these updates benefit the end use. What makes them so necessary and worth while?
1) updates will not stop, no matter how much you complain
2) solution? very simple, corporate keep firmware database for all players being sold by them, available over the network to all the stores. white shirt burns the update to a CD, gives short insructions to the customer. Most players I seen will read the firmware update right from the inserted disc, and thats it. its updated. CDs in large quantity cost cents. But I don't expect good service from best buy.
3) and as far as updates are concerned not only do they update DRM, but also improove perormance, adds new features: 3d support, wifi adapter support, mosquite filters. adds support for playing files from thumb drive. Fixes support for online streaming media etc...

and as far as the others exampales, what can i say, thats technology, it will never be 100% streamlined and bug free. People need to get used to it.
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