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Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
Yes and it requires no user input or a wifi or wired internet connection. Its seamless.

You can't ask tech illiterate people to do manual firmware updates to watch a freaking movie. Its stupid beyond anything I have ever heard, and what is worse the new keys get decrypted as soon as they are released, the disks get ripped and uploaded to trackers the moment they are released.

What is the point?
If you hook it up like you are supposed to do like the manual says the updates should be pretty much automatic. If a person doesn't want to set up the wifi or ethernet connection then too bad. The instructions are there on how to do it. I can see if they gave you no instructions at all then there would be room to bitch but this isn't the case.
Do you think most people are smart enough to set up the wifi connection? If so then they are smart enough to know how to hook a cable to the back. If they aren't smart enough to set up wifi should they stop putting that on the players or should people suck it up and read the manual and learn how to do it?
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